Project Introduction

Established in July 1998, Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association (HKEAIA) is at the forefront in promoting technology and market development of the Hong Kong electrical appliance manufacturing industry. With the support from the HKSAR government and the different organizations in the industry, HKEAIA organizes the home appliances design competitions regularly in order to inspire the creativity of the industry, to excavate the potential designers and to promote the innovation and development of the industry.

With the advancement of mobile communication technology and devices in the past decade, people have more concerns about the connectivity of the appliances with the smart phones or tablets. In view of this, HKEAIA crosses the regional boundary and organizes the 1st Greater China Smart Home Appliances Design Competition. The objectives of the competition are to foster innovation design in the electrical appliance industries, to enhance the design concepts and technologies in smart home appliances and to provide an interflow platform for electrical appliance industries in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

With our grateful appreciation, this project is being implemented by Hong Kong Productivity Council and funded by CreateSmart Initiative of HKSAR.

We welcome all contestants from the Greater China Region. Do come and realize your design zeal!